Voip Probe

VIR Voice Impairments Rater

VIR is a solution for distributed realtime evaluation of KPI status of voice quality in VoIP/PSTN useful Business Intelligence analysis:

  • Infrastructure monitoring and SLA compliance
  • Planning Network
  • Aid to Customer Care

VIR is based an innovative approach in the evaluation of speech quality VoIP. The production of key performance indicators (KPI) in a complex network of Telecommunications is obtained through stimulation of the network in some key points, identified in the design phase, with a special synthetic traffic. The traffic generated by a set of probes distributed and cooperating, is produced simultaneously with traffic originated by the subscribers of the service telecommunications operator and is, about crossing the network, indistinguishable from paying traffic subject to the same problems.

The analysis allows to identify the sections of the network more vulnerable to congestion, manifesting such users to grow, placing itself as an aid in the design evolution of the network itself.

Benefits of the platform hosted on SRE

  • High scalability

horizontal: you can take advantage of cards with incremental computing power,

vertical: the same router can be equipped with multiple adapters SRE

  • Proximity of the agent software to the problem domain (network traffic)
  • Transparency and infrastructural Native integration into network
  • Full integration with centralized management services ecosystem Cisco

Participation in the following international exhibitions:

  • CABSAT 2014, March 11th-13th 2014, Dubai
  • CEBIT 2014, March 11th-15th 2014, Hannover
  • NAB Show 2014, April 5th-13th 2014, Las Vegas
  • BROADCAST ASIA 2014, June 17th-20th 2014, Singapore
  • IBC 2014, September 11th-16th 2014, Amsterdam
  • NAB Show 2015, April 13th-16th 2015, Las Vegas

Funded by ROP ERDF 2007-2013, R&D projects in collaboration with SMEs of Lazio

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