Remote Control

A SCADA system (system of supervision, control and data acquisition) is responsible for collecting and processing data, and provide commands to control devices and equipment using RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) or PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and give a chance to a operator to control processes, such as for example the control of oil or transmission networks TV. The Engineering Systems offers a selection of Staer efficient and cost of SCADA solutions according to customer requirements.

Staer Sistemi is able to use SCADA market solution for the Supervision and Control of distributed systems. In particular Staer Sistemi uses SCADA products like iFIX and PcVue and has also developed its own SCADA package for some market sectors such as Broadcasting. The choice of using the products and/or proprietary protocols and/or market is defined as a function of the specific application.

Where prevails a performing component that’s not available on the market, we develop a proprietary solution; similarly if a comparable performance will require a reduction in costs can be thought of developing a proprietary product. Contrary where prevails component reliability and/or released by products and/or proprietary protocols for influence in future developments, we prefer a market solution.

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