Recording Systems

VR – FS5000

VR-FS5000 is the Registration System in series certified and approved in the Italian Railway.

The recorder serial behaves as a black box placed in series to a transmission. Allows recording encrypted and historicizing of conversations.

The VR-FS5000 combines IP telephony with traditional analog, ensures interoperability between standards and phone allowing you to get the best solution mix. Designed to be as innovative and open, however, retains the interface with traditional telephone systems, optimize business costs by allowing a single investment to manage the present and the future. Equipped with high degree of reliability, scalability and interoperability, VR-FS5000 is ready to operate as a service provider, and redundant capability freely distributable.

The insertion of a voice recorder on the path of failure (or in series to the lines) is a concept originally developed in RFI and implemented by Staer Systems since 2008. This mode ensures the impossibility of establishing communications in the event of a malfunction of the recorder as it is the same recording “stream” to fuel the conversation. Even the intelligibility of the recording is thus guaranteed. A bypass system highly reliable (electromechanical relays NC) allows for the exclusion of the recorder in case of failure by restoring the continuity of the communication lines.

To secure recording means a mode not conditioned by the operation of active devices (or software processes) whose failure can not be excluded a priori. The need for a registration system to highly secure legal status was further strengthened to ensure that the requirements M40TELEC, M40DL communicated orally according to the decree 7/2010 ANSF are recorded, indexed and stored for legal use.

Main Features

  • Electrical insulation.
  • Redundant power supply.
  • Insertion in series to the lines of communication.
  • Transmission of voice after recording.
  • By Pass system in case of failure.
  • Interfacing to the different lines of communication with adaptation to the electrical parameters and software management protocols of these.
  • Encrypted backup files recorded conversation.
  • Configurability locally and remotely via LAN connection.