Competence, experience and innovation are the keys to success of our proposals.

The goal to create solutions to ensure the quality of services “end to end” of our customers, the aim from the analysis of the performance of the management and monitoring of the processes associated with them and complete offering proprietary solutions built on specific details or by using and integrating systems already available on the market.


System Integration and realization of “turn key” solutions

We design and develop SCADA “turnkey” systems (HW, SW, installation, configuration and operation courses, maintenance), we develop networks for environmental controls, we deal with automation and remote management of systems for water treatment, technological installations and industrial complexes. The “turnkey” systems are made by integrating both its products and products of third parties. The latter are acquired in the international market due to our continuous technology scouting activities.


Product design and development as client specifications

In the field of Telecommunications, for example, we have developed accessories now widespread in the world, as the EOW (Engineering Order Wire) which is used by engineers in the field and by the maintenance staff both modular access router IP / OSI. Our technology helps the partners in growth, expanding their offerings through agreements OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). At the moment some of the world’s leading companies in the industry, such as Nokia Siemens Network, have developed new business opportunities using technology STAER SISTEMI with their brand.



In the areas of our expertise, we are able to provide advice and specific skills for feasibility analysis, scouting product on the international market, design support and integration with OSS / BSS or legacy client.


Support and Maintenance

The knowledge of customer requirements, the availability of advanced technologies, the use of a reliable hardware and software together, the effectiveness and efficiency of our staff are the elements of excellence of our services. The management of the ‘Help Desk and the constant monitoring of the processes for the maintenance of the Customer Service Level (SLA), are the basis of the activities of the sector they STAER SISTEMI attaches paramount importance.