Energy management

Energy management is a key issue in the European and global economic landscape. EMS (Energy Management System) is a system for monitoring and control of electrical systems with two objectives: SAFETY and ENERGY SAVINGS.

Presents real-time status of the switches of an electrical signaling readily fault conditions. Allows you to monitor energy consumption on single and three phase loads with high level of accuracy. Process maps functional and organizational energy expenditure company. is a useful tool to support strategic decisions aimed at saving energy.

Main Features

Through sensors design SS, allows to check the status of the switches of an electrical signaling readily fault conditions (short circuit, shutdown, etc.). Electrical measurements of direct and derived both for standard connections that Enel for generators and UPS. Remote management of all electrical alarms regarding malfunctions, speech protections, etc. Measures of quality of the network designed to determine the presence of distortion, noise and temporary interruptions often responsible for malfunctions of expensive equipment such as diagnostic and medical telemetry, etc.. Communication Gateway to E-Mail, SMS and voice synthesis for event notification. Datalogging functions and historical database of all electrical events detected and its advanced reporting. Dashboard for monitoring energy consumption of various organization: eg. for functional maps. Presentation of data in real time operators responsible through a hierarchy of synoptic associated to the structure of the electricity distribution network and each electrical panel building / floor / department. Alarm notification with management aknowledge severity. Specific functionality made via Ipad.