Industrial Partnerships


Logo IBAS coloreWe are one of the founders of the consortium IBAS (Italian Broadcasting Advanced Solutions), as a leading Italian company in the transmission, with over 40 years of experience in large projects with RAI and other international customers. The long presence in the market has allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of the broadcasting and for this reason we are able to export high-tech integrated solutions where the network digitalization of broadcasting is yet to come.

Gargano Lab

Logo GarganoLAB

Within the Public Announcement “Living Labs SmartPuglia 2020 to support the growth and development of SMEs specialized in offering digital content and services.” The newly-formed network of companies among the companies Staer Systems, W-Enterprise, GEM ICT, of which Staer Systems is the leader, proposed the project GarganoLAB for the fulfillment of the requirements expressed by the Consortium of Reclamation Gargano. The project GarganoLAB relates to the design, prototyping, testing and experimentation of a technologically advanced system for Land Management, Environmental Monitoring and Mitigation of Risk hydrogeological.

Smart Structures Solutions

logo Smart Structure Solutions

The Smart Structures Solution aims to design, test and finally build systems that can constantly monitor the mechanical components of structures and infrastructures to ensure their “health” through the use of such a system, you will manage to keep under control infrastructure ensuring their proper functioning, and at the same time, in case of anomalies or malfunctions in the structure, you will immediately notify the operator of the facility, helping to prevent breakage and the resulting collateral damage.
Smart Structures Solutions LTD is a company founded as a spin-off group research university of engineering structures of Professor Paolo Gaudenzi of the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Rome La Sapienza and society Staer Sistemi Ltd. leader in automation and control.
The merger of the skills of these two companies allowed to put on the market a range of products and services for the development of integrated structural monitoring in engineering that goes from plant industry, transport, communications, aerospace. This is accompanied by an action of consulting focused on the design, analysis and verification consolidated in many years experience in international projects.
Smart Structures Solution is the development of energy systems based on energy harvesting, and the integration of different technologies of energy transduction from different sources (mechanical vibration, solar, wind, hydraulic, etc.).


logo OptrailOpTrail was founded in 2013 as a spin-off of Staer Sistemi to develop flexible optimization for railway applications. OpTrail uses to its advantage the extensive experience of its management team in academia and in business. By grouping several PhDs with experiences in optimization and applied mathematics, OpTrail is set to develop a new generation tools of Traffic Management System (TMS) optimized.

The solutions based on advanced techniques of optimization, are able to take decisions routing and scheduling, and drive trains in complex railway systems , even without human intervention:

  • CRS Main Line (Conflict Resolution System) CRS-Main Line is a specific solution applied to the railway lines to the centralized traffic control, supporting the real-time management of rail traffic and providing supervision, control and monitoring of the infrastructure and rolling stock. CRS-Main Line is applied to different specific applications ranging from regional lines to complex networks and stations with high capacity.
  • CRS Mass-Transit CRS Mass Transit supports or autonomously performs supervision and control of trains in extended and complex subway networks . CRS Mass Transit performs efficiently dispatching activities in different types of networks such as rings, lines and terminal stations.


logo cloudplugsCloudPlugs was founded by a team that is re-inventing the way in which individuals and companies manage and communicate with their objects. Attention is focused on creating a better user experience, drive efficiency and environmental sustainability, while reducing operating costs. This technology enables developers to build prototypes and easily connect the “things”, so that organizations of all sizes can make mass deployments and manage them in an easy, fast and effective. Provides a secure and scalable service platform that enables rapid prototyping, rapid deployment and integration with enterprise systems and social networks. It allows the creation of supply chains that integrate digital event-driven transactions with business processes to help organizations:

  1. gain control of their activities and use of natural resources
  2. event correlation to predict and manage their activities, and
  3. reduce costs, provide better services and create effective interactions with customers.

It is believed that by helping to build the foundation of business intelligent and smart cities, we can contribute to the longevity of our environment.


Logo EFMeFM was founded in 2000 by a group of professionals from the fields of Real Estate and Facility Management, with the aim of providing consulting services to 360 degrees for the management of property. The skills in management engineering, computer science and civil engineering, have allowed eFM to become a leader in providing integrated solutions for property management and point of reference in the industry for professionalism, experience and innovative solutions presented.


logo MedelMedel is the protagonist in the market of power supplies for over thirty years, carrying out their activities in an industrial plant in Pomezia, in the province of Rome. There are several market areas in which the Medel, they range from the development of integrated systems for AC and DC, the manufacture of equipment and standard equipment as standard, to the installation, maintenance and after-sales maintenance.

Medel has resources and expertise needed to provide adequate responses to a market that increasingly require integrated solutions and the assumption of global responsibilities. The new division that deals with renewable energy, with a focus on photovoltaics, is able to act as a single point of contact, both for the operators of the field (of any size) and for professional users.